Book Giveaway: Regrets of the Dying: Stories and Wisdom That Remind Us How to Live

Author turns second chances into collection of stories

Book Giveaway: Regrets of the Dying: Stories and Wisdom That Remind Us How to Live

When cancer patients share their stories, it often reminds them that others are going through a similar experience. About ten years ago, when author Georgina Scull was 37, she had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and nearly died. “It was a wake-up call that made me look at my life and how I was spending it,” said Georgina. “But I didn’t jump into action and start making the most of my second chance.”

Instead, Georgina became consumed with her regrets — “regrets for all I hadn’t done over the years, and all the mistakes I had made.” At one point, she knew she needed to live differently and find happiness again. Georgina created something that might help others who find themselves at a crossroads like she was.

Turning Second Chances into Community Sharing

Georgina fulfilled this by going “out and finding people who were facing their mortality, people who wanted to talk, to try and find out what we regret, how we can regret a little less, and what matters in the end.” 

She wanted to shine a light on what it feels like (mentally and physically) to go through a constant maze of treatments and scans so that family and friends, who don’t always know what to say or are too scared to ask, can get a real insider’s view. That is what Regrets of the Dying: Stories and Wisdom That Remind Us How to Live was created to do. 

Regrets of the Dying is a collection of 21 stories worldwide. Stories about love, family, and secrets; about last words spoken, regrets within grief, and putting yourself last. Each chapter focuses on a different person, their life experiences, going through treatment, and all the lessons they want to pass on. It also includes a final chapter, ‘Ten Tips to Live a Less Regretful Life,’ a more practical guide towards change and appreciation. Featured in this book is Katie Scarbrough’s story.

Katie Scarbrough

Wife and young mom of two, Katie Scarbrough, was diagnosed with colon cancer at 31. Katie kept a blog while going through her treatment, including her changing reactions and emotions and her thoughts about life. Sadly, Katie passed away only one year after her diagnosis. 

“Her words bring home all things that I, and many others, might need reminding,” said Georgina. “In the end, the small everyday moments are what we remember; that love and family are the most important things we can have; and that we should try and appreciate the here and now, and not live too much in the future.”

Here is an excerpt from Katie’s chapter: 

November 2012

Is it weird that every time I watch TV and see someone with beautiful hair, I get jealous?  

Is it weird that I get jealous of my own husband playing with the kids, as I want to do the same but don’t have the energy? Then I watch the soaps on the telly and listen to their pathetic storylines, which aren’t real, but what is happening to me IS real, and that makes me feel mad!!  Everywhere I look, I’m reminded that I am a ‘Cancer Patient’ and there is no getting away from it. Sometimes I just feel like screaming why me?!

I haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this. 

My hair is more or less completely out now, and I find it such a struggle just to get in the shower as I don’t want to look at it. I haven’t been feeling particularly great since last week’s chemo, but that has only come in the past few days. It’s not that I have been sick, but I’m feeling queasy and tired, and some of my joints have been hurting. I know when I’m feeling better, I can do more things, but when I’m not feeling right, everything gets on top of me. I also know I need to snap out of this as we are going to Disneyland Paris, and that needs to be great for the kids!! We haven’t told them yet, so it’s a complete surprise!! I can’t wait to see their faces.

Giveaway Details (Now Closed)

Author Georgina Scull and publisher Welbeck Publishing want to give five copies of Regrets of the Dying: Stories and Wisdom That Remind Us How to Live with those impacted by cancer. Five winners were selected. Books can only be sent to the 50 US states. The winners were picked on May 16, 2022, at 9 am ET. If selected, the winners were contacted via email and replied within 24 hours to claim their book. Another winner(s) was chosen if not claimed within that time. By entering, entrants confirmed they were 13+ years of age. 

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