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Colorectal cancer resources and support

Get support for patients, survivors, caregivers, family members, and other people impacted by colorectal cancer. Whether you're looking for information about financial aid or just need an ally to talk to, you'll find the support you need. Because no one should have to go through colorectal cancer alone.

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BlueHQ is support magnified

BlueHQ is a comprehensive support hub for patients, survivors, and caregivers. This free service delivers personalized resources, tools, and communities to better navigate colorectal cancer. Powered by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, BlueHQ is the best way to learn, connect, and take action to improve outcomes. Use BlueHQ to find the right information, right now.

Helpful resources for people facing colorectal cancer

We're here to help you and your loved ones get through this challenging time. Learn more about our support programs below.

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How to live well with colorectal cancer

As a patient, caring for yourself beyond treatment is important. We recommend an integrative, holistic approach to self-care.

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Young-onset colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is affecting a rising number of young people. The Alliance’s Never Too Young (N2Y) Program, with the support of a dedicated Taskforce, is changing how the world sees this disease. Together, we’re increasing awareness, building a community, and learning more about young-onset colorectal cancer. Learn more about the unique challenges that young-onset colorectal cancer patients and survivors face.

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Online communities

No one should experience colorectal cancer alone. Join our online communities to find the critical answers and support you need faster than ever. Our national network of survivors and advocates is standing ready to be your ally.

Coping with serious illness

I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff about to fall over when Stephanie, a patient navigator, helped to calm me down. She pointed me toward life-altering resources that gave me hope that things wouldn’t always be this way.

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Colorectal cancer resource library

Looking for more resources to help you and your loved ones navigate colorectal cancer? Visit our resource library to find articles, videos, guides, and other helpful information.

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