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"There are blessings even in our pain. Even in the pain of a cancer diagnosis, it can help us live more present, more grateful and enjoying the little things in life. It can help reorder the loves of our life. It's more important how we lived our life rather than the length of our life. I’m hopeful that my story will help others know that they are not alone and organizations like the Alliance and the colorectal cancer community are here to listen and help in any way possible. Let’s help each other get through it.”

Jason Zachary was a father, husband, and colorectal cancer patient who the Alliance had the honor of being connected with. He was an active donor, advocate, and volunteer for the organization who we lost too young at age 51 in November of 2023. 

As part of his support, he made a generous gift in his will to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to invest in research and help families who are also facing colorectal cancer. Thank you to Jason and the Zachary family for investing in the future of the Alliance.

Make a gift through your will or estate

When you make a gift in your will or estate to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, you are making an incredible investment in the future of the organization’s work. This increasingly popular way of giving is a huge vote of confidence in the Alliance and can provide tax benefits for your beneficiaries while giving back to an organization you love. Your gift will help generations of families facing colorectal cancer and fund research for a cure. Thank you for your generosity.

You can make a gift in your will today by sharing the appropriate language with your estate planner:

I bequest _____________% of my estate to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (EIN 86-0947831).

I bequest $____________ of my estate to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (EIN 86-0947831).

Please include the organization’s EIN number when naming the organization as a beneficiary in your retirement plans. Reach out to your estate or financial planner to discuss the best estate plans for your financial situation. 

To learn more about making an estate gift to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, please contact Mackenzie Romenesko at or (202) 207-0251.

Share your estate plans now

Have you already included the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in your will or named the organization as a beneficiary? We would love to know! Sharing your estate gift with the Alliance helps the organization plan for the future and make sure your gift is used according to your wishes. 

Fill out this quick, revocable Letter of Intent form here to share more about your estate plans. Please contact Mackenzie Romenesko at or (202) 207-0251 with any questions or to learn more today. Thank you for sharing more about your estate gift to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Donating stocks to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance is a simple yet powerful way for you to support our mission of ending colorectal cancer in our lifetime. By making a gift of appreciated securities, you help the 1.5 million individuals living with this disease through our support programs and services and ensure others can prevent a diagnosis in the first place. Beyond profoundly changing lives by donating gifts of appreciated securities, you may be able to avoid capital gains tax, diversify your portfolio, and secure a stream of future income.

How It Works

  1. As a first step, please get in touch with Mackenzie Romenesko, Individual Giving Manager, at or (202) 207-0251 so that we can be aware of your gift intention and provide appropriate instructions to execute the forthcoming stock transfer.
  2. Stock transfer directions
    1. Draft a letter to your broker providing instructions for the stock transfer. Please inform your broker to contact Mackenzie Romenesko, Individual Giving Manager, at or (202) 207-0251 for the Alliance’s financial institution’s name, account number and routing number.
  3. Mail stock certificate(s)
    1. Send the stock certificate(s) to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance by certified mail. Then, in a separate envelope, mail the Alliance your signed stock power form and a dated letter that identifies the stock and states how your gift will be used (please select “unrestricted” or toward our Screen, Care, or Cure pillars). Please include your signature in the letter exactly as it appears on the certificate. Send the certificate(s) and the letter on the same day by certified mail to: Colorectal Cancer Alliance, 1025 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 1066, Washington, DC 20005.
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Your involvement saves lives

Ending colorectal cancer will take every one of us. Are you ready to take action? Learn how to get involved with the mission.

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