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Colorectal cancer is highly treatable if caught early. There are many types of colon cancer treatment, but your specific treatment plan will depend upon the location of the cancer and the stage of diagnosis.

Treatment resources for people impacted by colorectal cancer

No matter how you've been impacted by colorectal cancer, we're here for you with information and support about treatment.

Types of colorectal cancer treatments

There are several treatment options for colorectal cancer. We're here to help you learn more about each treatment option and what to expect.

Find a clinical trial

Clinical trials are an important treatment option to consider. Answer a simple series of questions about your medical condition to find relevant trials that may fit your needs.


Why biomarkers matter

Understanding your biomarkers helps you and your doctor decide on the most effective treatment plan for your colon cancer. During biomarker testing, doctors collect a sample of your tumor or your blood to look for unique characteristics, such as whether your cancer is caused by an inherited mutation.

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Your emotional health during treatment

Colon cancer treatment can be challenging for both the body and the mind. Many patients describe difficult emotions such as loneliness, anger, guilt, sadness, and worry, in addition to feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty about their health and other areas of their life. 

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Get help and support

When you're undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer, it can be helpful to seek support. Resources, information, and allies to talk to are always available.

Personalized treatment program

The Alliance’s Personalized Treatment Program provides no-cost testing and analysis of your cancer and medical history. The results provide you and your care team with personalized treatment recommendations.

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