Young-onset colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer doesn’t care how old you are, but we do. The Alliance’s Never Too Young (N2Y) Program is changing how the world sees this disease. Together, we’re increasing awareness, building a community, and learning more about young-onset colorectal cancer.

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Support for younger patients and caregivers

It's easy to feel alone when you or a loved one is diagnosed with young-onset CRC, but the Alliance and our community are here for you.

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Facts about young-onset colorectal cancer

Cases of young-onset colorectal cancer are increasing, but there's more to know about how this disease affects people under age 50.

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Ways to help prevent young-onset CRC

By knowing colorectal cancer symptoms, your family history, being healthy, and getting checked on time, the odds of preventing this disease increase.

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A week for young patients and survivors

The Alliance's Young Survivors Week is an annual observance to highlight young-onset CRC stories and increase understanding.

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The Never Too Young Taskforce

The Alliance convened the Never Too Young Taskforce to address the concerns of young-onset colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

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Highlighting the experience of young-onset CRC

The Alliance's young-onset CRC survey report highlights the medical, psychosocial, and life experiences of patients and caregivers.

Need to talk to someone?

Call our free Helpline. Navigators will listen and discuss any concerns, from mental health and family well-being to medical questions and financial issues.

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