Young-Onset CRC Facts

Facts about young-onset colorectal cancer

Cases of young-onset colorectal cancer (YO-CRC) are increasing, but there's more to know about how this disease affects people under age 50.


About 10% of CRCs appear in people under age 50.


YO-CRC could be the deadliest cancer by 2030 in people 20-49.


Since 1994, cases of YO-CRC have increased by 51 percent.


Rectal cancer is more common than colon cancer in young patients.


Delays in diagnosis occur in 15-50% of young-onset cases.


The age people at average risk should start getting checked.

Start talking to doctors about CRC. Make sure they know it’s the second deadliest, the fourth most common, and young-onset is rising.


Nine things to know about young-onset CRC

Increasing incidence

The incidence of young-onset colorectal cancer has been rising, contrary to the declining rates in older adults.

Diagnosed at advanced stages

Young-onset colorectal cancer is often diagnosed at more advanced stages, which may be due to delayed recognition of symptoms and screening.

More about young-onset CRC patients

The Alliance's latest survey report of YO-CRC patients can help you understand more about what this group faces before, during, and after a diagnosis.

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