Young Survivors Week

The Alliance's Young Survivors Week is an annual observance to highlight young-onset CRC, increase understanding, and support patients.

Young CRC survivor Kat Sisler's shirt says, "No Mo Chemo."

About Young Survivors Week

In 2014, the Never Too Young Coalition founded Young Survivors Week. Now managed by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, the observance starts on National Cancer Survivors Day, the first Sunday in June.

Young-onset CRC facts

13 percent

An increasing proportion

Thirteen percent of colorectal cancers are diagnosed in people under the age of 50, and diagnoses are expected to climb 140% by 2030. 

No. 1

Alarming new data

Colorectal cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in men under 50, and it's second among women. Most young patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage due to delays in detection.


Lives forever changed

Forty-nine young people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every day. By sharing their stories, we can raise awareness and save lives. 

An image of Lori Charney with her dog.

Speaking of survivorship

Lori Charney’s life turned upside down at 32. Diagnosed with stage IV (metastatic) colorectal cancer shortly after giving birth, she juggled motherhood and intense treatment. Despite facing surgeries, chemo, radiation, and a lobectomy, she clung to one goal — to watch her children grow up. Today, her sons are on the brink of graduating, one from high school and the other from college.

Still, survivorship isn't just about overcoming cancer. Lori admits the trauma never fully fades. "Every day, I wake up grateful, but the scars are a constant reminder," she said. Losing friends to the disease has brought on survivor's guilt and fears of recurrence. She finds solace in giving back and volunteering with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, sharing her story and supporting others. 

Lori’s story is a powerful reminder of the silent battles many young colorectal cancer survivors face. The Alliance’s Young Survivors Week celebrates the triumph of beating cancer while also recognizing the lasting burden of a diagnosis. 

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