Never Too Young Taskforce

The Never Too Young Taskforce

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance convenes the Never Too Young Taskforce to address the concerns and needs of young-onset colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Jennifer Arena

Andrea Bauer

Stage III survivor who is tired of losing people she cares about. She will not quit using her story, and theirs, to raise awareness.

Chelle Benner

Stage IIIc rectal cancer survivor, wife, mother, and nurse. Advocate for raising awareness, increasing screening, and emphasizing prevention.

Ashley Bowman

Mom, sister, and wife dedicated to screening and self-advocacy. I lost my sister two months after her 37th birthday due to undetected colon cancer.

Michelle Cappel

Two-time stage IV CRC thriver. I shouldn't be alive today, but I am, and my purpose is to advocate so others don't have to go through this.

Angela Caraway

Being on the Taskforce means a lot to me. Colorectal cancer has no age minimum or maximum, and everyone should get checked!

Lori Charney

Minnesota native navigating survivorship and sharing my story while helping as many people as possible on the journey.

Amy Copeland

Stage III survivor and community health worker with big Aunt energy and a passion for CRC screening advocacy.

Marisol Corona

Ellie Cosgrove

Colorectal cancer widow, determined to raise awareness about YO-CRC and support fellow caregivers.

Tamika Dash

Stage III rectal survivor and mother of three, faithfully advocating, educating, and supporting until we end CRC.

Alice Davis

Mother of a stage I survivor who advocates for early testing for those with symptoms or a family history of CRC.

Megan Dawson

Lost her mom to young-onset colon cancer and is determined to spread awareness and carry on her memory.

Dr. Tami Dean

Dr. Tami became an advocate for CRC education and support after her sister’s diagnosis. Her sister's passing fuels ongoing efforts.

Jeffrey Dincher

Stage III survivor and warrior diagnosed over 20 years ago at the age of 24. He believes it's time to build his legacy.

Kate Donat

Ally and advocate who lost her cousin's wife to stage IV CRC at age 29. Passionate about the mental health of CRC patients.

Evelyn Farmer

Stage IIIb survivor, thriver, and ostomate who shares her story to educate others on screening and advocating for themselves.

Shawn Farrah

Stage IV survivor, husband, father, youth running coach, determined to increase awareness and screening for CRC.

Tammy Feitosa

Tammy was her late father's caregiver before he passed from CRC. She is passionate about screening and side effects.

Liza Fleishmann

Sarah Gleichenhaus

Jeff Harris

Ali Jawin

Janice Johnson

Advocating for the patient, the survivor, the caregiver, and everyone in between.

Brianna Mercker

Stage IV survivor, passionate advocate and volunteer, diagnosed at age 38.

Kendra Mitchell

Diagnosed at 34 in 2014, Kendra will always use her voice to advocate for improved systems and partnerships for patient care.

Kim Newcomer

Adventure enthusiast and survivor willing to climb any mountain for young-onset CRC awareness.

Shauna Nguyen

Stage III survivor and obsessive poop watcher. A healthcare worker who likes to scare people straight about CRC.

Dr. Paul O'Rourke

Survivor, dad to two amazing boys, and primary care physician passionate about awareness, screening, research, and support.

Nancy Pope

Sonia Richard

5 year stage III survivor and advocate, dog mom to two crazy Shibas, animal lover, sports fanatic, and everything else in between.

Viola Rogers

Alison Rosen

Survivor, advocate, and ostomate. She might be tiny, but her voice is loud when it comes to colorectal cancer screening.

Brie Ryden

Stage 3 young onset survivor who is passionate about bringing awareness of this horrible disease. Proud ostomate!

Kelly Sanders

Ally and advocate who lost her younger brother to CRC at 34 yrs old. Passtionate about spreading awareness for screening and research to understand the rise in young onset.

Dawn Schneider

Her sister adored Dickinson's quote about hope. Honoring this, Dawn works to help others hear hope sing and believe.

Jenna Scott

Continuing to contrive a plan for this cancer to release me alive. Young survivor still surviving, but aiming for thriving.

Jess Settle

Wishes for every patient, survivor, and caregiver to be brave.

Kat Sisler

Public health professional, wife, and vegan yogi. Surprise stage IIIb diagnosis at 30. Lost my father to colon cancer when he was 49.

Samantha Smitley

Gina Soto

Melina Suarez

Mother, wife, and young-onset stage IV colon cancer survivor. Hopes to help others by raising awareness of colorectal cancer.

John Tara

Mary Tara

Carleen Taylor

Advocate who lost a dear friend at 45 in 2004 and then our son at 23 years old. Colorectal cancer must be stopped.

Heather Tucker

Stage II rectal cancer survivor who wants to help others get screened early and prevent having surgeries and chemo.

Cory Tull

Ally who lost his beautiful wife to colon cancer at age 39. Passionate about driving more resources into research to save lives.

Abbey Vandersall

Deondre Williams

Rachel Wisniewski

Caregiver to my husband who was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer at age 43 and currently battling. Committed to early detection outreach and advocacy and support to the cancer community.

In Memoriam

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Never Too Young Taskforce advocates for all young-onset patients and survivors. We remember and honor the following members who died from colorectal cancer while serving on the taskforce:

  • Anna Alexander
  • Patrick Beauregard
  • Dominique Caldwell
  • Darcy Egan
  • Jennifer Fake
  • Joy Freedman
  • Kevin Hays
  • Nicole Lorenz
  • Angelina McIntire
  • Peg Myrick
  • Jennifer Rio Ruddle
  • Christy Royder
  • Valarie Schlosser
  • Diana Sloan
  • Shannon Sylvain
  • Melissa Trow
  • Christine Witt
  • Jason Zachary

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