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BlueHQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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BlueHQ is the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s patient and caregiver support hub. BlueHQ makes it easy to find personalized support, without endless online searching. Sign up for BlueHQ here

Frequently Asked Questions about BlueHQ:

Will BlueHQ make it easier for my family or caregiver to assist and support me, and how?

BlueHQ is an all-in-one platform with valuable, personalized information for you to share with your friends and family. Caregivers can create their accounts based on your patient profile, too, so we can support research and other needs.

Is BlueHQ replacing and/or the Alliance’s Helpline? 

BlueHQ is not replacing other websites, but it brings all of the Alliance’s information, resources, and services into one personalized platform for colorectal cancer patients and caregivers. You can find all of the information you need, chat with a navigator, or connect with others like you in AllyToAlly, right in your BlueHQ account. Our free Helpline will always be available for phone support or for help with BlueHQ: (877) 422-2030.

Is BlueHQ only computer-based, or is there a phone app?

BlueHQ is a mobile-optimized website that can be accessed by your computer, tablet, or phone through the web browser. 

Will my information be securely stored?

Absolutely, your privacy is important to the Alliance, and that’s the case whether you’re calling the Helpline or using BlueHQ. The Alliance will only use your information to directly support you or look at aggregated anonymous data to understand trends so we can improve our services.  This means information will never be shared with names or other identifying information.

Can anyone, including medical professionals or friends, use BlueHQ?

Yes! There is an advocate/medical professional choice in registration so anyone can use the platform. Remember, the whole point of BlueHQ is to provide a personalized experience though, so anyone who registers as a professional, advocate, or even caregiver, will have to answer questions that pertain to a patient they know.

Can BlueHQ users find clinical trials?

Yes, there is the ability to use the Alliance's clinical trial finder tool to find a list of trials that matches your profile. Scroll down on your BlueHQ dashboard page to see the trial finder.

Is BlueHQ helpful for other conditions or diseases?

BlueHQ is to support those impacted by colorectal cancer. 

Does BlueHQ sync directly with my Ally to Ally, Blue Hope Nation, or TrialJectory (trial finder) account?

At this time, we cannot integrate accounts that have already been created. You can start a new TrialJectory survey or link to your Ally to Ally account directly from BlueHQ. We are working on account integrations for future BlueHQ enhancements. 

Can I change parts of my profile or the profile of a patient I’m helping? 

You can edit your profile at any time through the “My Profile” section in the top right navigation drop-down menu or by clicking “Update snapshot details” on the homepage. This means that you can change your cancer stage, treatments, or other details. Your BlueHQ resources and experience will update accordingly.

Can patients let care partners view their profile resources?

Yes, there is an option for the patient to share the resources on BlueHQ with their care partners and loved ones.

How do I provide feedback or get technical support?

We're here to help! Fill out this feedback form, and our team will be ready to help: You can also contact the Helpline for assistance with BlueHQ: (877) 422-2030.

Will BlueHQ be expanded to include other resources?

We will continue to add not just information but also features and functionality over time, based on what BlueHQ users want most. We want feedback from all users to decide how we can make it even better for each cancer path.

How can I partner with BlueHQ?

A range of BlueHQ partnerships are available for healthcare systems or individual providers, organizations, corporations, and more. For more information and to complete our potential partner form, visit



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