A graphic illustrating a collection of printable resources about colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer resources for learning and sharing

A graphic illustrating a collection of printable resources about colorectal cancer

Whether personally impacted by colorectal cancer (CRC), supporting a loved one, or dedicated to educating and empowering others, the resources below can help. Together, we can help individuals, families, and communities to understand, prevent, and manage CRC.

Individuals and families:

Discuss these resources and any questions you have with your doctor to create a personalized plan for prevention, early detection, or management. Remember, these resources are starting points, not substitutes for professional advice.

Professionals and advocates:

Use these resources as tools to empower patients and communities. Share these resources with your patients, colleagues, and community to spread awareness and promote healthy living.

Understanding colorectal cancer

Preparing for appointments and procedures

  • Empowering CRC Patients During Doctor's Visits: This helpful worksheet serves as a supportive guide for patients when preparing for doctor's visits by providing insights into treatment options, managing side effects, and offering communication tips.

  • Comprehensive Colonoscopy Prep Guide: A helpful, day-by-day guide for individuals preparing for a colonoscopy. Tips and important steps to follow leading up to the procedure.

Lifestyle and health management

  • Promoting a Healthy Colon through Lifestyle Choices: Offering practical guidance, this resource focuses on supporting colon health through dietary choices and lifestyle habits. Specific recommendations are outlined to promote overall digestive health and enhance well-being.

  • Informed Dietary Choices for Optimal Ostomy Health: Empowering individuals with an ostomy, this guide aids in understanding how food impacts ostomy and making informed dietary choices for optimal digestive comfort and health. A valuable resource for those seeking guidance on ostomy nutrition.

  • Ostomy: Effective Hydration Management: This resource provides useful information and practical recipes to help manage hydration effectively, promoting optimal health and well-being for individuals with an ostomy.

Templates, trackers, and checklists

  • Colorectal Cancer Symptoms Diary for Proactive Tracking: Helping individuals to understand and track colorectal cancer symptoms, this patient resource facilitates successful communication with doctors and can help improve communication between doctors and patients.

  • Initiating Family Health Conversations with a Template: Over time and through generations, important health information can be lost. This template facilitates starting a dialogue within families, aiding in completing a family health tree. A valuable tool that allows family members to preserve and share important health details.

  • Checklist for Colorectal Cancer Patients and Caregivers: A helpful checklist designed for recording important information beneficial for patients and caregivers. This list is a practical resource for organizing and managing aspects of colorectal cancer care.

Specific concerns & considerations

Targeted risk information

We hope you’ll share these resources with your loved ones, friends, and community to raise awareness about CRC and encourage early detection.


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