Could minimally invasive surgery be right for me?

Could minimally invasive surgery be right for me?

Could minimally invasive surgery be right for me?

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) refers to laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. These two types of surgery are different based on the tools used during the procedure. The surgeon will either use robotics or laparoscope tools. Surgeons will usually recommend a laparoscopic or robotic procedure based on their own experience and preference.

Minimally invasive surgeries are much more common now because this type of surgery can offer colorectal cancer patients a less painful way to remove part of the colon or the entire colon, create an ostomy, or reconnect and reconstruct the colon.

Minimally invasive surgery can also be used, in some cases, to remove rectal tumors. 

Many studies have shown that these surgeries are just as safe as open surgery but they make recovery faster and easier. 

Most patients can undergo minimally invasive surgery, such as those with: 

  • Early stage cancer
  • Less advanced cancer
  • No prior major surgeries
  • Fewer radiation treatments
  • Lower Body Mass Index (BMI) 

Open surgery might still be recommended for patients with:

  • Spread of cancer
  • Metastases (additional growths) 
  • Need to remove the  tumor completely
  • History of medical conditions
  • Higher Body Mass Index (BMI) or obesity

Talk to your doctor to find out if minimally invasive surgery is an option for you.


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