Fund the need: patient financial assistance

By Steven Bushong

A cancer diagnosis is difficult enough. For many patients, it’s also a huge financial burden. Cancer can force choices between healthcare and everyday expenses like food, utilities, or transportation. 

To afford treatment, one man sold his collection of tools. Another fell into poverty waiting for disability insurance. A mother of boys was moments away from losing her electricity.

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Blue Hope Financial Assistance Program reduced the financial strain on these and hundreds of other low-income patients with a one-time grant. However, current funding can only accommodate a fraction of the more than 3,000 assistance requests the Alliance receives each year.

Fortunately, you can help! By creating a Facebook fundraiser, a colorectal cancer patient can alleviate their mounting bills or pressing needs and focus on what matters most — their health. Every dollar raised through November goes to the Alliance’s financial assistance program.


Raising just $200 will fully fund a grant for a patient in need. Your generosity will not go unnoticed. Previous grant recipients have remarked: 

  • “Thank you, I have tried so hard to get help from so many, but nothing was done.” - C.W.
  • “You saved me.” - H.B.
  • “I'm not alone … there is help out there. Thank you.” - F.D.

Research shows that more than half of people who suffered colorectal cancer also experienced financial toxicity. Reasons for this include unemployment, low household income, and the lack of social support. 

We live in a tough financial environment. Cancer makes it even harder. When you start a Facebook fundraiser today, you can make a big difference for the people who need it most.



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