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Amy Low

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Amy Low

Amy has worked with Emerson Collective for nearly a decade, working across all of Emerson’s communication and media investing platforms, collaborating with partners to change the conversation, to make a persuasive case, on issues from education reform to immigration and conservation, that progress is possible. 

Today she oversees Emerson’s Fellowship portfolio, where she directs the Dial Fellowship, which is centered on strengthening the voices of leaders from within Emerson’s venture and philanthropy work. She also directs the Emerson Collective Fellowship, which offers yearlong support for individuals outside of Emerson’s network, usually through a themed cohort year to year. Within Emerson’s media portfolio, she works alongside colleagues to provide grants and tailored support to nonprofit journalism ventures. 

Before joining Emerson, she served as chief advocacy and engagement officer at Landesa, a non-governmental organization committed to reducing rural poverty by helping the poor to secure land rights. Before that, she spent nearly a decade with the political and communications consulting firm, GMMB, where she advised the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on building public support for education reform, early learning, and addressing family homelessness. 

A Stage IV colon cancer survivor, Amy is writing a memoir called Both Things Are True, to be published by Hachette in Spring of 2024.

She lives in Menlo Park, where she is proudly raising her son and daughter, teaching them to be resilient, grateful, and unafraid, whether at school, at home, on the stage, and especially in the band.