Board of Directors

Yekaterina Chudnovsky

Board Member

Katie Chudnovsky

Yekaterina "Katie" Chudnovsky is an attorney, venture investor, dedicated patient advocate, and supporter of medical research. She firmly believes in the power of scientific inquiry to unearth groundbreaking treatments for cancer patients. She is deeply committed to the cause, leading and participating in countless research projects that aim to expand our understanding of rare cancers and the most effective ways to fight them.

Katie's philanthropic endeavors have significantly advanced the reach and resources of cancer research. Her efforts have provided financial support for hundreds of patients in need and understands that without sufficient funding, even the most promising research projects remain unrealized.

Katie serves as the chairperson of GI Research Foundation (GIRF) for the University of Chicago Digestive Diseases Center and has previously served as their President and Board Member for 12 years. In addition to being general counsel for an international privately-held technology firm, she serves on the Board of Directors for Elicio Therapeutics, Immix Biopharma, XCures, and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (CCA).

Katie holds a BA from Northwestern University and a JD from DePaul University.