BlueHQ: The colorectal cancer patient support hub

Take control of your path with colorectal cancer at BlueHQ, a free support service for patients and caregivers powered by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

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BlueHQ is support magnified

BlueHQ is your digital hub with personalized resources, tools, and communities. You can:

  • Explore personalized resources
  • Connect with your community
  • Track treatments and office visits
  • Access support from the Alliance
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BlueHQ has the information I need without searching. I can also connect with the Alliance’s support team and other patients like me.

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Knowledge and tools curated for you

The path with colorectal cancer is different for every patient and caregiver. BlueHQ suggests helpful tools and resources that align with your story. Get the information that matters.

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Connect with others who get it

BlueHQ connects you to thousands of allies with similar experiences. In this community, you can skip the basics and get to what matters — how to cope with colorectal cancer.

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Keep track of important details

Store notes from your journey — including doctor visits, counseling sessions, and more — safely and securely. Or use BlueHQ as a journal. You can search your notes later.

Improve your journey with BlueHQ

Stay in the know about CRC resources and news, keep track of personalized medical information, and connect with a community of allies.

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