Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor: When Your Cancer Comes Back (Recurrence)

When cancer comes back after a period of remission, it’s called a recurrence.The cancer may come back in the same place that it was located originally, or it may come back in another area of your body.

If your colorectal cancer recurs, you may have the same fear and anxiety you felt the first time you were diagnosed. You may also feel anger, frustration, and depression about your cancer returning. 

Knowing what to ask your doctor about your recurrence can help you manage your disease. Below is a list of helpful questions that will get you started. 


Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Doctor: When Your Colorectal Cancer Comes Back (Recurrence)

  1. Where is my recurrence located? 

  2. What is the extent of the recurrence?

  3. What is my prognosis[link to this term in glossary] at this time?

  4. Which treatment options do you believe are the best ones for me – and why?

  5. Will my previous treatments affect my new treatment options?

  6. What will be the side effects of my treatment?

  7. How will my treatment affect my ability to work and do other activities?

  8. Are there clinical trials [link to this term in glossary] that I should consider? 

  9. What is the likelihood that the cancer will respond to treatment?

  10. If I would like a second opinion, how do I go about it?

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