Dr. John Marshall discusses colorectal cancer with a Colorectal Cancer Alliance event attendee.

Dr. John Marshall joins the Alliance as Chief Medical Consultant

Dr. John Marshall discusses colorectal cancer with a Colorectal Cancer Alliance event attendee.

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance announced the appointment of Dr. John Marshall as Chief Medical Consultant. A veteran in the field of gastrointestinal cancer research, Dr. Marshall will share his leadership experience and scientific expertise to guide the Alliance’s patient support and research initiatives, particularly Project Cure CRC, advancing its mission to end this disease.

Dr. Marshall’s professional journey is distinguished by pivotal contributions to new drug development and participation in more than 100 clinical trials as a principal investigator. He established the Otto J. Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers and the Precision Oncology Alliance and, in 2022, became the inaugural Physician Executive Director of the MedStar Washington DC Integrated Hematology Oncology Division.

Dr. Marshall also has a long history with the Alliance, participating as a member of its Board of Directors and Medical Scientific Advisory Committee and as a Scientific Co-Chair of Project Cure CRC.

Project Cure CRC is a bold and urgent action by the Alliance to ignite innovative treatments through collaborative effort, bringing together leading scientists to challenge the status quo of current therapies. Dr. Marshall’s involvement will push the boundaries of traditional cancer treatment paradigms.

Dr. Marshall is also a frequent participant in Alliance events, interacting with patients and supporters alike. At the most recent DC ScopeItOut walk event, Marshall took the stage to focus on the future:

“Just last week, a New England Journal of Medicine article showed that a blood test could help us screen for colorectal cancer,” Dr. Marshall said. “We are rapidly learning about our microbiome and how to best maintain our health internally, and we are discovering how to control our immune systems so that our bodies can fight our battles.”

Reflecting on his career in an interview, Dr. Marshall expressed that working in cancer research and treatment represents one of the most significant endeavors one can undertake, noting the unexpected joy and humor found amid the challenges.

A strong advocate for a “smarter war on cancer,” Dr. Marshall emphasized efficiency, precision medicine, and increased clinical trial participation among patients. His approach not only seeks to leverage scientific advancements but also to foster a deeper connection and understanding between patients and their caregivers.

As the Alliance and its community welcome Dr. Marshall to his new role, there’s widespread hope for major progress in colorectal cancer research and care. With Dr. Marshall joining as Chief Medical Consultant, his vast knowledge and experience are expected to energize Project Cure CRC and magnify the impact of the Alliance’s patient and caregiver support programs.


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