Two women playing hand drums for community building at the AllyCamp volunteer training event.

Volunteer spotlight: Nancy Pope

Two women playing hand drums for community building at the AllyCamp volunteer training event.

Through the service of nearly 2,000 volunteers across the country, the lives of colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers are greatly improved, and we grow closer to ending this disease together. In this Q&A, get to know Nancy Pope, a passionate and dedicated Colorectal Cancer Alliance volunteer from Northern Virginia, and consider becoming one yourself

Can you tell us about yourself and your connection to colorectal cancer?

I am a 10-year survivor of stage III colon cancer. I currently volunteer for the Alliance as an ally, Buddy, and participate in the Never Too Young Taskforce, as well as the upcoming DC ScopeItOut event as a committee member and team leader.

Why did you sign up to volunteer with the Alliance?

When I was going through my journey, I didn't know about the Alliance and all it had to offer. I was lucky enough to have support from family and friends, but not everyone is so fortunate. I found the Alliance as a survivor and wanted to get involved with this cause to give back to those currently battling the disease and to be part of a cause dedicated to ending colorectal cancer in our lifetime. I don't want others to have to endure what I went through with treatment and life changes.

What have you found most rewarding about your volunteer service?

The people! The staff and allies are incredibly passionate and dedicated to finding a cure and helping others. This passion is infectious and energizing. It's epic—a word I adopted after participating in the AllyCamp this year.

How do you think volunteerism impacts the mission to end colorectal cancer?

I believe volunteerism directly impacts current patients and fosters encouragement as we continue to look for a cure. It brings people together from across the U.S., sharing ideas and ways to stay motivated. I like to think we're in it together for a common goal: to find a cure and support those who seek assistance.

Can you share a memorable moment you've had while volunteering with the Alliance?

Choosing one memorable moment with the Alliance is challenging because all my experiences have been memorable. Working as a buddy is incredibly rewarding, connecting with others in similar situations and realizing we're in this together. Additionally, the opportunity to work with the passionate and dedicated staff at the Alliance has been energizing and encouraging, such as during the AllyCamp. I commend the Alliance's focus on the whole person, from medical needs to the human side of individuals.


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