What is National Cancer Survivors Month?

June is for survivors! 

National Cancer Survivors Month is a time when the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and our nation of allies celebrate an important milestone in a person’s cancer experience. 

National Cancer Survivors Month includes National Cancer Survivors Day, celebrated on the first Sunday of June. 

Both observances are meant to celebrate life and encourage those still battling cancer, as well as their families, that survivorship is possible. National Cancer Survivors Month also increases awareness about life after cancer.

But that brings up the question: What does “survivor” mean? Being a cancer survivor and your survivor day can be interpreted in many ways. Was it the day that you finished treatment? Was it the day your tumor was removed?

If you ask your oncologist, most will go by the day you had your first scan post-treatment and are deemed cancer-free. Some patients say they are survivors from the first day of diagnosis. 

Being a cancer survivor is something to be proud of, and every moment of every day within National Cancer Survivors Month (and every day for that matter) shows how triumphant you are. 

What does being a survivor mean to you?

Let us know #WhatSurvivorMeans to you! Tag the Alliance (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) on social media with the hashtag #WhatSurvivorMeans with your interpretation and story. Let’s continue this conversation!

Not only does the Colorectal Cancer Alliance celebrate cancer survivors during June, but we also raise awareness of young-onset survivors! Learn more about how the Alliance celebrates Young Survivors Week. 



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