Stage 0

stage 0 colorectal cancer illustration

What is stage 0 colorectal cancer?

In stage 0 colorectal cancer, abnormal cells are found in the innermost layer of the colon or rectum. This thin inner layer of the colorectal wall is called the mucosa (moist tissue lining the colon).

Stage 0 colon or rectal cancer is also known as carcinoma in situ or intramuscular carcinoma.

woman with colon polyps medical illustration

Treatment for stage 0

Surgery is often the only treatment that is needed for stage 0 colorectal cancer. The most common surgeries for this stage are:

  • Polypectomy: polyps that are cancerous are removed, usually during a colonoscopy. A wire loop removes the polyp from the wall of the colon.
  • Local excision removes polyps from the colon lining along with a small amount of healthy tissue. This is also done during a colonoscopy.

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