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Donate to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance by December 31. Your tax-deductible donation will provide critical resources to patients and caregivers.

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Because of you, the Alliance is the largest and most impactful colorectal cancer nonprofit. Your support helped us facilitate many moments that mattered to colorectal cancer patients and survivors this year.

We accomplished a lot, from launching BlueHQ, a web-based patient support hub, to getting more patients screened. We are incredibly grateful for your support of our mission to end colorectal cancer.

But there is still more to do, and your end-of-year gift can help!

Your tax-deductible donation or social media fundraiser for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance will help us provide more critical resources to our community .

From Lily, a stage IV, 18-year-old patient

Why You Should Donate

“I was only a freshman at the University of Michigan when I learned I had stage II colorectal cancer, which later progressed to stage IV. Now, my life is divided between before and after. Before cancer, I was hopeful and excited, looking forward to Greek life, epic tailgates, and independence. 

But then I bled while using the bathroom a few weeks into the first semester. My parents were frightened, and the doctors I saw were diligent but dumbfounded. Colon cancer isn’t on the radar when you’re dealing with someone like me — a ‘pediatric’ patient standing five feet tall with a baby face.

Girl at football game posing with friends

The after — the moments after my diagnosis, are an endless series of disappointments, isolation, and depression, to say nothing of the treatment itself. There I was, with a huge mass in my colon, desperately trying to keep my dreams intact while facing a nightmare.

Cases of colorectal cancer are rising among young people like me, and they are more often diagnosed at later, deadly stages. Your donation to the Alliance today can fund research and awareness work to counter this deadly trend, as well as support programs for people diagnosed young, like me.” - Lily.

Your tax-deductible donation will assist the colorectal cancer community all year long. Support more moments that matter to the colorectal cancer community by donating or creating a fundraiser for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance today.


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Your donations contribute to the Alliance's efforts to advocate for prevention, magnify support, and accelerate research to end this disease.


15,000 people screened through Alliance initiatives.


18,000 helpline calls annually.


1,855 active volunteers nationwide.

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