How we fund research

We provide a critical early investment for researchers to validate the scientific basis for even greater funding, turning lab work into treatments.

Chris4Life Research Program

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance established the Chris4Life Research Program in 2010 in honor of the late Christine Sapienza and for all the families who are affected by colorectal cancer. Our research program is a critical driving force in our mission to end colorectal cancer in our lifetime. Since 2016, the Alliance has funded nearly $5 million in cutting edge, innovative, and life-saving research.

All proposals undergo a rigorous two-tier review process by members of a distinguished Scientific Review Panel. The review panel operates under clear objective guidelines. Members of the panel are drawn from outstanding institutions such as:

  • National Cancer Institute
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Georgetown University
  • University of Colorado
  • Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
  • University of South Carolina

Our funding priorities

New discovery research

We believe in the importance of finding new ways to battle colorectal cancer, including biomarkers, personalized medicine, immunotherapy, and new screening methods. We want more research that will extend and improve patients’ quality of life beyond what is available with current pathways.

Translational research

We want research that has a tangible impact on people with colorectal cancer — taking laboratory advances and translating them into therapies more quickly for the direct benefit of patients.

Clinical trials and infrastructure

Clinical trials are integral to improving colorectal cancer survivorship and quality of life. We also provide a clinical trial finder and patient & family support navigators to assist patients in gaining access to clinical trials.

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Projects we've funded

By funding the most innovative colorectal cancer research studies, we take important steps toward realizing our vision—a world free of colorectal cancer. Explore our research focus areas to see who is using our funding to accelerate treatment, prevention, and a cure.

Support colorectal cancer research

Help make lifesaving research possible. Your gift will be earmarked for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance Chris4Life Research Program.

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