Pain management and stress reduction with colorectal cancer

It is possible to manage pain and stress effectively in most people with cancer or with a history of colorectal cancer.

Your first steps to a pain-free life

Although cancer-related pain and stress cannot always be relieved completely, therapy can lessen pain for nearly all people with cancer. Effective management of pain and other symptoms improves quality of life throughout all stages of the disease.

No one should hesitate to tell doctors or nurses if they are feeling pain. In fact, pain can interfere with the effectiveness of cancer treatment, so it is very important that members of a care team know about any pain that their patients may be experiencing.

Focused psychological care is an important part of effective pain management. Short-term psychotherapy, structured support, and cognitive-behavioral therapy can help people develop useful coping skills. These approaches can further enhance the effectiveness of other treatments.

woman orange shirt meditating

Finding ways to reduce stress

Patients may reduce stress by practicing mindfulness, engaging in physical activity, prioritizing sleep, seeking social support, and consulting a mental health professional. The videos below may also help.

Guided imagery for stress relief

Escape the stress while listening to relaxing sounds of the forest.

tree by river

Progressive muscle relaxation

A short whole body progressive muscle relaxation. Try it before work, when you need to relax, or before you are heading off to sleep.

tropical beach

Chair yoga

Follow along with Jean, a survivor of colorectal cancer, as she guides you in a chair yoga session.

chair yoga

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