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Living well with an ostomy

Less than 10% of colorectal cancer patients require a permanent ostomy, while many get a temporary ileostomy.

Having the right information and resources can allow anyone with an ostomy thrive!

Woman smiling with ostomy wifey shirt
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What is an ostomy?

An ostomy is a surgery that creates a stoma opening that lets waste exit the body. 

Many patients refer to their stoma as an ostomy. 

An estimated 18-35% of colorectal cancer survivors have received temporary or permanent ostomies as part of their treatment.

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Adjusting to life with an ostomy bag

You are not alone. 
Nearly one million Americans are living with an ostomy. By following a few steps, you can live life just as you did before. 

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Nutrition with an ostomy

Good nutrition is essential for optimal health and well-being throughout your ostomy journey.

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Hydration with an ostomy

Staying hydrated with an ostomy is as important as eating well. Keep your water bottle close by and choose hydrating foods.

Colorectal Cancer and Your Sex Life: The Facts of Life

Intimacy with an ostomy

People with an ostomy may find intimacy challenging at first, but with patience and modifications, your sex life can continue as it did before.

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Ostomy support

Support is essential for all of us. Find a support group that fits your needs. 

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Ostomies and pain management

An ostomy should not be painful or uncomfortable. Learn how to recognize signs of trouble. 

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Physical activity with an ostomy

Exercise can speed up recovery, enhance balance and flexibility, boost self-confidence, increase energy, and more.

Gather your resources

Find a buddy, a navigator, an online community, and more with Alliance resources. 

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