Caroline colonoscopy at hospital

Types of colonoscopy prep

There are several different types of colonoscopy prep regimens, including liquid and pill options. While it is important to follow your health care provider's orders, it can be helpful to conduct some of your own research on what is available.

Caroline colonoscopy at hospital
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Liquid vs. pills

Your doctor will prescribe a bowel prep that may be a liquid you drink, or pills you take with water. Be sure to speak up if you have a preference!

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Liquid preps

Liquid preps have been the standard for a long time. While some people find it difficult drink the whole amount due to the large volume and/or taste, liquid prep is usually tolerated well.

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Pill preps

Pill preps involve taking several large pills with a specific amount of water. Although this gets around the taste of a liquid prep, this option may be difficult for people who have trouble taking pills.

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