Pills for Colonoscopy Prep

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Pills for colonoscopy prep are available by prescription

Prior to your colonoscopy, your colon must be cleaned out with a thorough bowel prep. Several different types of colonoscopy prep are available today, including pills or tablets. Pills may be easier for some people to take than a liquid version. Ask your doctor about what options are right for you. 

Pills and pill boxes of the SUTAB colonoscopy prep.

SUTAB: Bowel prep in tablet form

In 2020, the FDA approved SUTAB, a tablet for colonoscopy prep. The makers of the tablet, Sebela Pharmaceuticals, say it offers a safe and effective alternative to liquid colonoscopy prep. For a future colonoscopy, 78% of patients said they would use SUTAB again.

Dr. Douglas Rex discusses SUTAB colonoscopy prep tablets

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OsmoPrep: Colonoscopy prep tablets

OsmoPrep was approved by the FDA for bowel prep in 2006. Previously available as an over-the-counter medication, it is now accessible by prescription only due to health concerns related to exceeding the recommended dose.  

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