Colorectal cancer advocacy and policy

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance aligns with and advocates for policies and legislation that reduce the impact of colorectal cancer on American individuals and families.

About our advocacy and policy efforts

As the nation's oldest and largest colorectal cancer patient and caregiver advocacy organization, we recognize the need for policies that help us in our goal to end colorectal cancer within our lifetime.

Our efforts are focused on finding ways to advocate for screening, magnify patient support, and accelerate research.

That’s why we continuously engage with advocates. Their personal connections to the disease amplify our message, stressing the importance of screening and patient support. Through their efforts, we can ensure that patient voices remain central to our mission, pushing us closer to our objective.

Building relationships with legislators is equally pivotal. Collaborating and sharing information with them at all levels helps shape policies focused on colorectal cancer prevention and treatment. With their backing, we can drive research, improve patient treatment access, and expand screening programs.

We also partner with scientists and researchers at public, private, and government institutions to fund the critical research that will lead to new drugs and treatment protocols.

Advocating for screening

We aim to save 100,000 lives by 2029 through screening. The Alliance advocates for funding and initiatives that increase the screening rate. Key focuses include:

Magnifying patient support

The Alliance provides patient support and we advocate for legislation, regulation, and funding to ensure patients get the medical care they need. Key focuses include:

Accelerating research

In addition to committing $30 million to research by 2026, the Alliance advocates for government and private sector research prioritization. Key focuses include:

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