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Colorectal Cancer Alliance Announces the Walk to End Colon Cancer

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance (Alliance), a national nonprofit dedicated to ending colorectal cancer in our lifetime, today announced its Walk to End Colon Cancer—a fundraising event series that empowers a nation of allies to walk together and raise money to screen, care, and cure this disease.

Walk participants will start together and finish together, creating a powerful community display of dedication to ending this disease and supporting those affected by it. With an estimated 147,950 new cases of colorectal cancer in 2020, tomorrow can’t wait.

The Walk will feature the Mile of Tributes, allowing participants to honor and remember patients, survivors, and caregivers with special signs, and the Survivors’ Lounge, a thoughtfully appointed space for survivors to connect, relax, and celebrate their victories over this disease. 

The Walk to End Colon Cancer will debut in Chicago on June 6, followed by Portland on June 20 and Denver on June 27. Patients and survivors at each Walk will receive free registration and a special “Survivor” T-shirt.


This new fundraising event series replaces the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s Undy RunWalk, which ran for more than 10 years in some cities. The final Undy RunWalk is scheduled for March 21 in St. Louis.

"The Alliance's Walk to End Colon Cancer is a wonderful opportunity to reach more families and supporters of those who have been affected by this disease," said Michael Sapienza, CEO of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. "We are grateful to everyone who has supported our Undy RunWalk series for more than a decade and are thrilled to provide new family-friendly community events that will have an even greater impact on ending colorectal cancer in our lifetime."

The Alliance’s announcement of the Walk to End Colon Cancer comes during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer, the second deadliest cancer in the United States, frequently develops from abnormal tissue growths known as polyps. Regular screening, which can find and remove dangerous polyps, is one of the best defenses against the disease.

Fundraisers and allies of all ages and abilities are warmly encouraged to participate in this inspiring, hope-filled event. 

The Walk to End Colon Cancer is nationally sponsored by these allies: 


About the Colorectal Cancer Alliance

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is a national nonprofit committed to ending colorectal cancer. Working with our nation of passionate allies, we diligently support the needs of patients and families, caregivers, and survivors; eagerly raise awareness of preventive screening; and continually strive to fund critical research. As allies in the struggle, we are fiercely determined to end colorectal cancer within our lifetime. Learn more at



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