Leading the effort to make colon cancer famous

These are the experts and advocates helping the Colorectal Cancer Alliance get ahead of colon cancer with LEAD FROM BEHIND.

Michael Sapienza

After losing his mom to colon cancer, Michael started a colon cancer nonprofit that became the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. He serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Brooks Bell

Brooks is a leader in digital analytics and experimentation. She founded Brooks Bell, Inc. and co-founded LEAD FROM BEHIND.

Jana Babatunde-Bey

Jana is a veteran media industry executive and producer. She is the founder of J. Bey Entertainment, LLC, and serves as a board member of the Alliance.

Lee Dranikoff

Lee is a veteran business development and financial strategist. He holds the position of Board Chair of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Charlie Guevara

Charlie has extensive experience in the media, technology, and talent industries. He is a board member of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan is a trailblazer of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the gaming sector. He is the CEO and founder of Cxmmunity Media.

Estee R. Portnoy

Estee is a veteran in marketing, media, and philanthropy. She is the Senior Vice President of Jump Management, which is affiliated with the Michael Jordan family.