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Alliance Announces Awareness-Raising Presence in the Metaverse

Users of Meta’s Horizon Worlds Can Visit “Blue Hope World,” Tour a Super Huge Colon, and Learn About the Second Deadliest Cancer in the U.S.




The Colorectal Cancer Alliance (Alliance), a national nonprofit dedicated to ending the second deadliest cancer in the U.S., today announced an awareness-raising presence in the metaverse. Blue Hope World is now accessible to users of Meta’s Horizon Worlds app, available on the company’s virtual reality headsets.   

Blue Hope World, which takes its name from the Alliance’s private Facebook support group Blue Hope Nation, places an emphasis on raising awareness of colorectal cancer among Horizon Worlds users, which reportedly number more than 300,000. The launch coincides with National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, which runs through March.

Users can visit Blue Hope World to learn about colorectal cancer prevention methods, stages of the disease, and how to get involved with the Alliance’s mission to end it. Patients, survivors, and caregivers have access to a private space to discuss their journeys. 

“The metaverse stands to revolutionize how humans meet to work, play, and learn, and any place where people gather, we want to share our life-saving message — colorectal cancer is highly preventable with screening,” said Angie Lawry, VP of Marketing & Communications. “Blue Hope World is the metafied version of our awareness literature, and we look forward to helping people better understand colorectal cancer through this platform.”

Blue Hope World is the product of a volunteer effort, at no cost to the Alliance. The world will continue to evolve and improve, especially as Horizon Worlds advances and creator resources expand. The Alliance is evaluating other metaverse and Web3 platforms, as well.

The Alliance plans to announce a contest to win Oculus Quest 2 headsets to encourage people to visit Blue Hope World. 


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