Staying organized as a caregiver

Caregivers field a lot of information. It can be challenging to keep up with dates, medications, and other details.

Organizational tools

Use a calendar

Whether it's on your mobile device or just a calendar in a notebook, having a resource to track those important dates is invaluable.

Get a notebook

You'll need a place for notes and important information. Mobile apps like Evernote, Google Keep, or OneNote are useful. Paper notebooks are perfectly fine, too.

Keep your contacts together

Add important contacts as "Favorites" in your phone Cluster medical-related contacts together with a prefix such as "Med" Bookmark links to health portals

File medical bills carefully

Use an expanding file folder to separate each bill by provider. Attach the "Explanation of Benefits" from your insurance company to these bills and make sure the amounts due match.


Sometimes questions come to you in the middle of the night, so keep a notebook next to your bed to write them down. This helps you get back to sleep, easing your mind that you won’t forget the next day.

Expect the unexpected

You will have a general guide for a treatment plan, but it’s normal to face unexpected changes. No matter how organized you are, disruptions are inevitable. Expecting these changes will allow you to be more flexible.

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Managing medications

  • Make a list of the medicines your loved one takes, along with dosages and schedules.
  • Get a container to keep all medications together in a safe place.
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Meal planning

  • Use grocery pick-up or delivery services to save you time and energy
  • Make meals ahead of time – you will be grateful to have dinner ready when at the end of a long day
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Schedule time for yourself

We can't say it enough. Taking care of yourself is essential to your role as a caregiver. If you're emotionally and physically exhausted, you have nothing left to give to others.

Set a time each day for you to do something you enjoy – it can be a 15 minute walk or a day out with friends. No matter the activity, it will fuel your tank.

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