Questions to ask the doctor as a caregiver

Learn how to organize your concerns and questions during medical appointments.

Doctor consultation

Top ten questions for the doctor

  1. How should I contact you if I have a question?
  2. Will patient care instructions be written down for me?
  3. Are there any diet, activity, or other limitations?
  4. Will I be able to access patient information such as test results?
  5. If not, how can I be given access to do so?
  6. What sort of side effects should I expect to see from treatment or medications?
  7. What signs and symptoms are causes for concern?
  8. Is there a financial counselor available if I have questions about billing?
  9. What can I do as a caregiver for someone with colorectal cancer?
  10. Where can I get caregiver advice, support, and other resources?

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