Public Service Announcements

Through television and radio, public service announcements play a vital role in increasing awareness and encouraging early detection of colon cancer.

Awareness saves lives

With early detection via screening, colorectal cancer is a highly treatable and preventable cancer. “But," due to hectic lifestyles or just “stuff," many Americans push off their screenings. A third of screening-eligible adults are missing their chance to prevent CRC.  Don’t let “but, stuff” get in the way of your screening. Because, when it comes to screening, tomorrow can’t wait. 

That’s why the Colorectal Cancer Alliance has launched a new television and radio public service announcement (PSA) to educate the public about the importance of colorectal cancer screenings. On-time screening – beginning at age 45 – is essential to catch it early and is the No. 1 way to prevent it. Localized colorectal cancer (the earliest stage) has a 91% survival rate with treatment. 

Increase awareness about the importance of colorectal cancer screenings – to improve cancer outcomes and save lives! View, download, and use the following PSAs. Please contact us at or at (609) 748-7411 if you require this PSA in another format or delivery method.


The TV PSAs include 60, 30, and two 15-second versions.


The radio PSAs include 60, 30, and 15-second versions.

Help others get screened

Don’t let “but, stuff” stop you from getting your colorectal cancer screening. Contact our team if you need additional assistance with using the Alliance's PSAs.

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